Layaway and Payment Plans

Public Dove does not offer traditional layaway where we hold your item while you make payments.  This is because we offer better options that allow you to pay over time but receive your order immediately!  Choose from one of our payment plan providers below at checkout:


Payment Plan Providers:
How to qualify: Must own a credit card Must live in the United States
Order minimum: $1 $50
Fees: None None
Credit impact: None None if payments are made every 2 weeks
When your order ships: Immediately Immediately
Installments available: Up to 12 payments Up to 4 payments
Payment frequency: Payments due monthly Payments due every 2 weeks
How to pay: Choose "SplitIt" at checkout and set up a payment plan using your credit card Choose "ShopPay" at checkout and set up installments using a debit or credit card
Learn more about the provider: SplitIt website ShopPay website