Shop Ethics

The modern Fast Fashion industry is rife with labor and environmental exploitation. Clothing today is made to be purchased cheaply and thrown away quickly to perpetuate a constant sales cycle that leaves the Earth's resources depleted and garment workers across the globe in poverty.

Buying vintage is inherently sustainable as it keeps textiles from the landfill and reduces demand for new clothing production.  It also is made with superior construction and outlasts its modern counterparts by generations.

Public Dove also prioritizes both ethics and sustainability in our everyday operations through the following efforts:

  • Using sustainable shipping materials such as fully compostable, plant based garment bags, 100% recycled Kraft paper envelopes, and FSC Certified business cards and marketing materials
  • Offering carbon-neutral shipping free with every purchase through our partnership with Offset
  • Sourcing operating supplies either second-hand or from companies who demonstrate an ethical supply chain and sustainable practices
  • Taking the 1% Pledge to donate 1% of annual proceeds to our partner charity, The Clean Clothes Campaign, who aims to create ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry
  • Practicing a culture of inclusivity, where every body type, gender expression, ability, race and identity can express themselves through vintage fashion